MOMMY LIFE || A Letter to my Four Month Old

My Dear Papa,

You’ve been in this world with us for just a short while. You’ll be 5 months in a few days, gosh time flies. You’re still a tiny little guy but you’re so full of personality! We love your smile and the squeal you make when you get excited. You love meeting new people and you make sure they know it when you flash your gummy smile to everyone you meet.

This past month, most of all, you have grown so much! You’re now rolling over and almost sitting up all by yourself. You’re just a little moving machine! Not every day is easy. Sometimes you have rough days like any one else. But no matter what fussy days may come by nothing breaks your spirit and you are just a happy go-lucky guy. I love you so much!

I’m am writing you this letter my sweet love, because on June 23rd, 2015 we lost your Grandma Debbie and I want to tell you all about her. She was a very wonderful woman. So strong willed and nothing ever broke her spirit. She loved you so much and your cousins Aubee and Bebe. You three were everything to her. Your Daddy and I wish she would’ve stayed on this earth much longer so that you would get to know her and grow up with her around. But sometimes that can’t happen and we lose the best people. You must grow up and be a good boy and a good man so that one day you may be able to meet her once again.

When we first found out I was expecting you everyone was so excited to find out if you would be the first grandson. And you were! Your Grandma Debbie was the happiest of all (…along with your Daddy!). You were her first grandson! She was there the day you were born. We waited a whole 29 hours for you to be born! It was a long wait but once she got to hold you her eyes filled with so much joy. Her “Little Bubba Dubba” was finally here!

On those first few weeks you were home she would just stare and look at you. She couldn’t believe her eyes: you looked just like your Daddy when he was born. She once told me that she felt like it was her David born again. Hehe. (You DO look just like Daddy).

She went out and bought you everything you needed. Without any hesitation! You see, that’s what was so amazing about your Grandma Debbie. She always put everybody else before herself. If you needed something, she went and got it. She was so selfless, baby boy. That’s something that we want to teach you. Every time we do something selfless we are reminded of your Grandma Debbie. That was her greatest joy. To see her loved ones happy. And we find joy in following her example of giving to others.

She was also a very strong woman. She raised both your Daddy and Uncle Momo all by herself. She raised two great men. I am so grateful for that because now you have them both as an example of what a great, hardworking, loving man is. I thank her for that every time I see your Daddy. I know you will grown up to be a great man, and it’s all thanks to the hard work your Grandma Debbie did in raising two great men.

We miss her so much my darling. You are so young and innocent to even start to understand what is going on. But we are blessed to have you and have that smile to bring us joy in this sad time. All we wish is that she were here for you to get to know her. But your Daddy and I promise that we will never forget her and we will always talk about the good times we had with her. You won’t remember her in person but she will always be your Grandmother and she will always be with you.

Always know that your Grandma Debbie loved you so much and even though she is not physically here with us all she is in our hearts and in your little heart too!

I love you so much baby love.


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