CREATE|| D. I. Y. Princess Ariel Tiara

Gosh I am so excited about this tutorial and I know you are too! It’s been a long time waiting. So here goes!

This past June my sister and brother-in-law’s celebrated my nieces 2nd and 3rd birthday. The theme, of course, was Princess Dress-Up Party! The party was a big success and it was so much fun. We had Snow White visit the birthday girls, face painting, a photo booth, crafting and lots and lots of candy. Everyone left loving every second of it. Shout out to my sis-in-law Dani for the awesome party!

So since it was a dress-up party I decided to dress up in costume as well. I was Princess Ariel and my munchkin was Prince Eric. I couldn’t go without a little D. I. Y. from my behalf (it’s a craving that runs through my veins, I swear). I decided to create this BEAUTIFUL PRINCESS ARIEL TIARA.

It’s so gorgeous! (….I can hear angels singing) And so simple to make!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. A Plastic Crown
  2. Silver Pipecleaners
  3. 3 Medium Sized Starfish
  4. Pearls
  5. Diamond String
  6. Large Plastic Diamonds
  7. Seashell Arrangement
  8. White Glitter Paint
  9. Blue Pearlescent Paint
  10. E6000 Glue
  11. String Beads
  12. Glue Gun

First thing you want to do is grab your pipe cleaners and wrap your whole crown with them. This will create a good surface for your shells to stick. 


(Sorry for the manicure…)

Just keep going until it’s fully covered with the pipecleaners.

Once you’ve done that, take out all of your pretty shells and let’s start decorating!

I used blue pearlescent paint for the center starfish and added the bling and a large diamond in the center.

I also picked and chose a few of the more outstading shells to add the bling. I added glitter paint to all shells.

For the sand dollar I added glitter and then traced the center star with the blue paint.

It’s all up to you how you wish to add decor on your shells. Just remember to choose the ones you want to stand out more and add the bling to those! You can also add pearls to the clam shells like I did.

They are so pretty!

Once they’re ready it’s time to glue them onto your crown.

And here’s a tip: glue from largest to smallest, letting the small ones cover the empty spaces. I used the E6000 to attach them, but you may be able to get away with a hot glue gun as I noticed some of my smaller shells falling off.

Here is my crown in all its beautiful glittery glory. It was a hit and the party! I even won the best costume contest.

I completed my look by making an easy seashell t shirt and I used a beautiful purple maxi chiffon pleated skirt.

To make the seashell top I bought a cheap t-shirt and some fabric paint in teal.

I found a free seashell template online and used that to trace the two shells. And then colored it in with the teal using a brush.

I also cut the sleeves and cut along the bottom to turn the shirt into a tie-up tank.

As I said earlier my baby boy was Prince Eric and this was his cute and super comfy outfit.

It’s just a white long sleeve onesie. Some comfy navy blue sweats and a red belt just like Prince Eric wears when he sails around the sea.

For his red belt I simply bought a strip of red fabric at the clearance section at the fabric store and my husbands grandmother helped me sew it with her sewing machine in the shape of a belt. Seriously, so simple!!

I think we were a pretty cute pair as Ariel and Prince Eric. I didn’t get to take many photos because I was so busy helping my sister in law throughout the party. In fact I didn’t take any. It sounds so cliché but it’s the truth. Nevertheless, it was so much fun making this beautiful crown and its outfit. I hope you find some INSPIRATION for your next craft.


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