Plan With Me || January 2016

Hello there and Happy Humpday! It’s almost the end of January and so I’m here sharing with you my 2016 Daily Planner. I’m new to this community and it’s a goal of mine to do it for the year and see how much I like it.

I found my planner at Target in the dollar section right after Christmas. At my Target I pretty much got lucky, because EVERYTHING dissapears from that poor section. Haha.

The planner pages include the horizontal setup and I am so glad it is because I’ve never been able to function with a vertical planner. Hallelujah!

So here’s a few shots of the past few weeks of January. Enjoy!

For the monthly spread I used the Date Rub-Ons from Heidi Swapps 2015 Memory Planner collections and basically just chose a color scheme and went with it using the variety of items in my stash.

Since it’s an undated planner, I was left with a blank monthly spread behind the January spread so I added a few cards with a little inspiration for the month!

I’ve also had fun adding stamping! Including the date stamp on each day of the week.

Stickers, stamping, washi… Yaasss!

I still can’t believe January went by so fast! Next month is full of family fun. We are celebrating my husband’s birthday and my son’s first birthday! I’m so excited for all we have planned and I’m glad I’ve got a pretty little planner to keep me organized.
What do you have planned for Valentine’s Day next month? Are you keeping your meetings and plans in a decorated planner as well? Leave a comment and let’s talk! 

Thanks for reading! 



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