INSPIRE || Time to Grow

HELLO crafty friends! I have been M.I.A. for a few months from my blog and I’ve missed sharing my craftyness in writing. I am a visual learner so social media sites like Instagram are so much more appealing to me and my “social-ability” comes out easier to me in those forms of communication.

However, my second passion other than social media, is writing. I am more negligent about it because putting my thoughts in writing makes things seem more “real” if that makes any sense. Putting my thoughts down in words for you all to read makes me feel a little self conscious. I’m only human. But I have been taking time to think of why I haven’t been on here and I’m realizing that this blog of mine is part of what I promised myself this year with my OLW (#onelittleword). This past January I chose the word GROW to be the word in which I would focus on in all the aspects of my life, with that included, my blog.


I have 5 aspects in my life in which this word takes main focus. I have been making changes and various adjustments in my lifestyle since January and continue to do so to put this word in focus. If you have never heard of the “one little word”, check out Ali Edwards blog to read more about it. As I’ve mentioned before, the idea is that you choose a word for the year. It has to be a word that pushes you to improve, and grow in different aspects of life. You take that word and you make it yours every day and find true meaning to it. It’s quite a powerful idea from the great storyteller, Ali. I find it very inspiring in my crafts, as a mother, as a wife, and in my own personal goals.


I started this little blog as a new mom with big dreams a little over a year ago. I was living with family and didn’t have much space for my creativity to bloom. But I have since found a little corner of our little family’s new home and I’ve made it my “Happy Place”. It’s not big. In fact its quite small. But it is filled with so much goodies, I have everything I need and more!

My main goal was to do what I’ve loved since I was a teenager in High School without fear of being judged or feeling like I was not good enough. I was simply to do what I love doing most and ENJOY the process.


So I am hoping to be back for a good while now. I have had a great time on Instagram and have been steadily growing this past year. I absolutely love the community of crafters, scrapbookers, and crocheters. They inspire me every single day to keep doing what I love doing. This community is so positive and so encouraging that I’m sticking around for a while!

I have also started a Scrapbooking  Channel on Youtube! I am All the Neffyness Crafty Channel on there feel free to check out some crafty videos! I have so much fun making these crafty videos to share with my audience. I love the feedback, and take it seriously as I am still quite the”newbee” and hope to continue growing my audience.

I’ve had a very exciting year since I started this blog and I’m ready to share all of the Neffyness here! I’ve got lots of exciting stuff coming this way, so follow me all throughout the internet to stay in touch. I’d love for you to come along for the ride!





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