Layout || Park Day

Hi there!

I’m back to share with you guys another 12×12 layout. However, this is a super special one because I am finally using a sewing machine!!

I had been wanting a sewing machine for months and I finally got one for Christmas! Kudos and Thanks to my hubby for getting me such an awesome machine that I can now use in (…all) my layouts. I think it really will kick my scrapbooking up a notch and it makes me so excited!

So ever since I had been wanting a machine I had noticed all these layouts with a large stitched circle in the middle and I knew that was the first layout I wanted to make. 

So here it is:

**Sorry if the lighting is a little weird with these photos. It has been raining for days here in LA so I must have gotten shots when it was too cloudy and it gives off a weird yellow tone to the page… oops!

I chose this photo of my son playing at his favorite park. I loved the shot because I am looking at him through a circle window and it gave me the idea to use circles as my sort of “theme” for this page since I’ve also got the round stitching. 

I used anything I could find in my stash… some flairs, chipboard stickers from Studio Calico and some enamel dots and stars to fill in too. I also added some very tiny mist splatters in green and orange all around the stitching. 

I used some Amy Tangerine papers to back my photo. I used the most boyish and fun colors I could find both in the papers and the fun bits and pieces around my stitching. 

The stitching is just so freken awesome! If you guys are wondering how you can do this on your sewing machine, it’s super simple. Just rotate your paper in circles as you stitch. You can fill in any blank paces in between if they are too spaced out, by directing your paper towards it as you stitch. The messier the better, really! 

This layout was fun to help me break in my sewing machine and it’s also fun, simple, and boyish.

I have a goal this year to step out of pink every once in a while and use more fun colors for my sons layouts. I have reassured myself that my style will still shine through, even if a don’t use pink! Haha.  So let’s see how long that last, I think this was a good starting point right?

Thanks for coming by crafty loves! I’ll be back soon. 


Do you love using stitching in your layouts? Or is a sewing machine totally on your “Need It” list? Leave me a comment, I would love to chat! 

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