July Project Share for GB

Hello lovelies!

I have been gone for a few weeks and I sure do miss popping on here and sharing some of my work. That is why I'm here today to share some of the fun stuff I have been working on for Gossamer Blue.

We received the kits a bit late this month so it kind of set me behind on some of the projects I was working on and I just didn't have time to share these projects with you earlier in the month.

However, I have finished a few projects using the July Kits and I though I would share them all with you in one fun post!

This month I decided to go big and I mixed all of my July Kits into one big happy pile! I feel like this is a super idea to find more inspiration from the supplies. It literally pushed me out of the rut I was feeling and it opened up so much creativity.

If you guys receive more than one kit at a time I would invite you to try this at least once just so you guys can feel the joy I felt seeing how many supplies these kits are truly filled with! I promise you guys will even do a happy dance, haha.

So, enough chat! Here are all the projects I made using the July kits. I have created a few 12×12 layouts and also a few Traveler's Noteboook layouts.

I still have tons of supplies left and will continue to play along and create but for now enjoy this:

LAYOUT: "My Baby"

The first project I created was one using a monochromatic color scheme. The first thing I noticed about the July kits were all the mix of dark navy and baby blues.

I knew I had this precious photo of my son from a few years back and had been waiting for the right inspiration to use it. Well, this was the day! I am so happy how it turned out, check out the close ups:

LAYOUT: "#Selfiefun"

This layout was a blast to create! I had so many bits and pieces from all the kits and these super cute laser cut tags. I knew that I had to create something fun and full of details.

I added a whole lot of everything, but my most favorite part is how this Layout takes your eyes on a little trip. If you start at the top right corner the arrows guide your eyes all the way down in a fun zig-zag way! I love it so much, take a closer look:


This is one of the Traveler's Notebook spreads I made using only the TN Kit. I have had this adorable photo of my son snuggling his puppy soft animal. I was inspired by the mix of bright reds and soft blues that I thought they went perfect with this photo.

I absolutely love the way TN spreads are so simple and clean, so I went for that look here. I also tried to use most of the supplies included in the kit, especially the super cute stamp. Check it out:

I have one more TN spread but that one will be featured on the Gossamer Blue Blog.

So I hope you have enjoyed this share! Let me know below which is you favorite project.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the kits you can find them here.

Until next time, stay scrappy!


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