DIY Halloween Cupcake Toppers

Happy Halloween everyone!

I am so excited to finally be celebrating this fun holiday! I love dressing up and getting creative in a spooky way and the trick or treating day has finally arrived.

I am here to share with you guys a really fun and quick project you can make in less than an hour to dress up some cupcakes for your next Halloween event!

I was asked to bring some sort of dish to a family potluck I am going to tonight. I offered to bring some cupcakes and soon after realized that I don’t own a cupcake baking pan! It’s kind of ridiculous, hahaha. But I didn’t let that stop me.

I decided to put some cupcake liners in a rectangular pan and they came out looking, well, pretty scary (LOL).

They came out in all kinds of rectangular forms, but they’re still delicious, believe me! My son ate about half a dozen of the mini cakes I made for him on the side.

So all I had to do next was make them look cute and that’s when I realized that I could make my own little cupcake toppers!

I had a super cute 12×12 chipboard sticker sheet from the Trick or Treat collection by My Mind’s Eye that I grabbed in this month’s Emma’s Paperie order.

I hadn’t scrapped with any of it yet, so I decided I would use the smaller chipboard bits to create some adorable and festive cupcake toppers!

The first step I did was to stick these stickers on a plain white cardstock sheet.

I picked the smaller bits and just left enough space around them so I could cut them out.

I made sure to leave just a little bit of hangover from the white cardstock around each piece so that they could have an extra pop of color.

Then I brought out a roll of crepe paper party liners. You can easily find these at party supply stores or even dollar stores!

I wanted to use this to create a cute little ruffled circle behind each sticker. So all I did to make that was start folding it into itself an turning so that it would form a full circle…

Once it overlaps like the shown in the two photos above, you can trim off and fold in the end.

Then I just added two staples to the center where all the folds meet…

And you have yourself a little crepe pinwheel!

Pretty soon you’ll have the cutest stack of these cuties.

The next step is to start sticking down your chipboard pieces.

I used my handy dandy (super old) glue gun and just put a drop of glue in the very center of each piece.

Once each piece is glued, I decided to trim off the excess crepe around the sticker.

I loved this because each sticker is a different size and I loved having different sizes.

I love these pieces just like this, too.

You can create these to add as embellishments on your layouts and cards. So cute and simple to make!

The last and final step was to grab some toothpicks or sticks to attach to the back of each piece.

Once your sticks are done, you’re finished!

Aren’t they just so cute and adorable?

They are ready to top off some yummy cupcakes!

So my friends, I hope that you all have a wonderful spooky Halloween tonight! If you’re making cupcakes, you should totally try this quick DIY as it will dress up your cupcakes so cute, and they’ll be gone before you know it!

Thanks for stopping by today!

I really hope you enjoyed this quick DIY. I’ll see you all in my next post!


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