Kicking Off December Daily 2017


Hello everyone and Happy Holidays!

I am so happy to be in the midst of the holiday season. I gotta say that this year went by so fast and December kind of crept right up this time. We’re practically already mid month!

Tis the season my friends, once again, for that time of the year when I bring out all of my awesome Christmas scrapbooking supplies, my best camera, and best possible inspiration to create inside of that magical Christmas book.

Yep, I’m talking about my 2017 December Daily album and here it is in all it’s Christmasy glory, haha.


This past week I kicked off the Christmas season by sharing a few videos on my YouTube channel all about my December Daily.

I have decided that this year I am creating a fun 6×8 mini album where I will record all the Christmas magic that my family and I will have throughout the entire month of December.

But, I am also working on finishing up my 2016 “25 Days of Christmas” mini album. I didn’t realize how much work it would take to finish off a mini album that covers 25 days! But I haven’t given up, and I am definitely still feeling very inspired to be working in my mini, while I work on this years book.


So, I wanted to invite you all to check out the first few videos I have shared on my channel for December Daily:


The first video I shared, which you can find here, is all about what supplies I will be using for my December Daily this year. I have a large arrangement of supplies and they are all set up at my desk, kind of like a little station, so that when I’m feeling the urge to get crafty I can get right to it. Check out the video to see what supplies are inspiring me this year, plus I share my action plan for the month.



The second video I’ve shared so far is my first catch-up inside of my 2016 Mini Album. In this video I gather all of my supplies and share what I still have yet to finish, and I finish off by starting the first part of catching up. I plan on sharing a few more of these processes until I finish off the whole mini! So if you’re into that make sure you’re subscribed to my channel so you don’t miss out.



Finally, the latest video I shared is one where you can take a first look inside of my album. I have completed the cover page, reason why, and have set up my foundation pages so that I can get started with my photos! I plan to have at least an update of this year’s book once a week with a recap of everything that has been completed inside.


So friends, I urge you to check out my YouTube channel, All the Neffyness Crafty Channel, to keep up with me and my latest December Daily videos. I have been absolutely enjoying each and everyone else’s DD videos this year and I hope that my own will give you a bit of inspiration.

Thanks so much for stopping by today! Leave me a comment below if you have been sharing your own December Daily inspiration as I would love to check it out myself. That’s it for today, so until next time my friends, stay crafty! xo



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