Planner Set Up 2018


I am excited to be back because I am sharing my FULL planner set up for 2018. Well, with the exception of my Memory Planner which is a whole blog post on its own. Either way, I am so ready to share this topic with you all because I have yet to share my whole planner set up on my blog, and it’s the perfect time of year to do so!

So, how many planners do you normally need for one year? That might seem like a silly question, but I’m here to share why I need a total of 5 planners!

Yep, you heard that right. I have a total of five planners. It’s might seem absurd to some of you but trust me when I tell you that they all have their purpose.

Here is the list of what they all are:

1. Social Media/Design Team Notebook 

This book is completely dedicated to all my social media and design team responsibilities

As a scrapbooker, I find it very important to keep all of my scrappy details all in one place. So, I have decided that they fit best in a custom notebook.

I found the golden mini binder from Target’s Spot section and most of the fillers are also from the dollar spot.

I have added different sections inside that help keep my projects, duties, and ideas all sectioned so that I keep perfect track of what is due and what’s coming ahead.

I also keep a section for my monthly calendar spreads. But I’ve also included a weekly planner section so that I can list out with more detail everything that is due or must go up on social media.

Keeping my Design Team projects and scrappy schedule all in one book, personally allows me to keep that whole aspect of my life orderly and organized.

2. Positivity Planner

First of all, I LOVE THIS BOOK!

This one is dedicated to help me in my personal neverending journey to positivity and healthy living.
You will almost not believe me when I tell you that I found it at Wal-Mart! I payed only $5 for it, but it’s worth so much more.

Inside, it’s designed to be filled on a weekly basis. It gives you the same weekly prompts that help you focus on only the good things: I’d love to, I’m looking forward to, I need to, fitness goals, I’m grateful for, I enjoyed, I accomplished, silver linings, and mindful moment. 

This one can also be considered my journal because only my personal thoughts go in it.

However, I find that it’s important that I keep it with my Planners so that it is available for me to open it and fill it with positive goodness.

I am most excited to see what changes this might bring to my life.

3. Personal Planner

This planner works just as the name suggests, it is dedicated to what my life is full of on a daily basis.

I also found this book at Wal-Mart and I payed less than $10 for it! Nothing like a good deal right?

But most importantly this book is very much like one I had from Sugar Paper L.A. a few years ago. It’s got a great monthly and weekly format that works well for me.

The months are undated and run from January to December, which is perfect! I hate it when I have to start a new planner in the middle of the year, especially now that I am not in school this year.

Each week has a two page spread with so much space to help organize your life. The left side is has a weekly dashboard that includes sections: to buy, to call, to clean, to message, and my favorite, food, a weekly meal plan section

The right side has the weekly spread in a horizontal format that works perfect for me!

This one is definitely a staple in my collection of planners because it fits my life and mind so well!

4. Monthly Planner

This planner is also a staple in my planner collection for one reason: it simply shows me my monthly spreads in which I list it ALL for me to see all in one place.

There’s nothing better than to have a place in which all the things are listed: bills, due dates, appointments, work shifts, the whole shibang!!

I also found this specific planner at Target and payed less that $5 for it. I love the bright me on colors inside it.

The only downside is that it runs only through June of this year. But they seriously sell these all year long, so I won’t mind buying another one mid-year as much as i would mind buying a full-on planner.

5. Dump-Book Notebook 

This book is a must in my planner collection as it holds any ideas, thoughts, or notes I might have at any random moment.

However, there is absolutely nothing special about it, because it’s just a notebook!

Nevertheless, it’s a necessity that I have this little notebook in my collection of planners because I use it as my main source of writing notes. I might make plans for a birthday party inside it, I plan my meals inside it, I jot down my grocery lists, etc.

I would recommend that you all add a little dump book to your collection of planners. You will see how it will quickly become a staple, especially on those busy days where an idea might pop into your mind and you just need somewhere to write it down before you forget!


So, how do I manage all of these, you might ask?

I understand that for some people, one planner works best. That’s GREAT, too!

No matter how many planners I might have, I have found that just these five planners have helped me keep things separated but organized! That’s the main goal right?

I hope that this in depth share of my Planners has given you some ideas of how you can use different set ups for your own organization.

Also, I would love to know which one you like the most! Leave me a comment below, and let’s chat.

That’s it for today lovelies! I will talk to you all on my next post! Xo


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  1. Jossie says:

    Wow! Walmart huh? I need a planner and in search of one! Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! I’m all for finding great deals and when I saw these I snatched them up super quick! lol Good luck and thanks for reading! xoxo


  2. Thanks so much for letting me know! I appreciate your kindness and I promise to be way more careful next time 😉


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