I’m Back!! A Quick Catch-Up with the Author

Well, hello there pretties!!

I have been quite silent for about a month and a half now and, to be honest, it was just a very much needed rest. I’ve also been pretty quiet on Instagram other than sharing a few Design Team projects here and there.

It’s not for any bad reasons, and I’m not done with scrapbooking whatsoever. It’s just that sometimes we all need a break sometimes, you know? I have been working fervently for the first half of the year and after that halfway mark of the year I not only felt like I needed a change, but there is quite a big change in my life that has forced me to slow down.

Yep! I’m having a baby! Number two, I should specify. My husband, 3 year-old son, and I are super excited to be growing our family of three into four! Our baby is due at the end of January 2019 and so as you can imagine, there is lots of work to be done including finding a bigger place to live, on top of the normal preparations that come with a new baby.

The first few months were pretty rough, and I was left with little to no energy. Which ultimately left with with no want for blogging, scrapping, and oversharing on social media. But I’m now just starting my second trimester and am feeling much more energetic enough to jump into my blog.

I even changed up the look of my blog, did you notice? It’s still a work in progress but I hope that by the end of the year I am able to publish my blog and start monetizing and also start sharing more about me, my personal life, and more tutorial-like posts!

So, I thank those readers that visit my little crafty corner here and on Instagram for your continuing support. I am excited for this personal journey of motherhood ahead of me to continue helping me grow with love, patience, and grace. I am also excited to continue making more and more scrapbooks for my family, and to share them all here in hopes of inspiring you to make precious memories and documenting them for your family. I’m here to stay, friends!


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  1. Love love love! So happy for your beautiful family and glad you are feeling better. You are awesome! xoxo

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