Citrus Twist Design Team!!

Well hello, this preggo lady is definitely hiding under a rock and for good reason. Growing a baby is no easy thing, I tell you! And the pregnancy brain… well, I think it takes control of most of my brain function. It’s a real thing, too! I’ve realized that it’s why I haven’t even come on here to announce that in July I joined the Citrus Twist Kits Design Team!! 

I am seriously so lucky, and I wish this baby growing wasn’t taking half the enjoyment away from the amazing team and company I am now part of (sorry CTK…). 

But seriously, I don’t want to seem like I am taking this opportunity for granted, I am SO honored to be able to play with the AMAZING supplies that are so perfectly curated every month and to be a part of the talent that is part of this team… 

I am so excited to catch up on some project shares, as well! So stay tuned for some good Citrus Twist Scrappy inspiration. 

If you’re curious about what this Kit club offers (you’ll want to see, if you don’t know!) you can check them out here. Then don’t forget to stop by the CTK blog where the team shares sooo much crafty goodness!



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