#myselfloveletters Challenge | An Introduction

I was scrolling along Instagram last week when I ran into a post by Serena Bee Creative, a crafty YouTuber and fellow Instagram Scrapbooker.

Her post was a challenge inviting other ladies to join in for the month of June on writing a love note to yourself EVERY DAY.

I was intrigued! You say “self love” and I’m there, people!

She thought of the amazing idea to write yourself a love letter each day.

She even created the list of topics to follow, hashtags, and a Facebook Group!

I was so delighted to have joined and I have been writing myself some pretty awesome love notes this whole week.

I am excited to be sharing some pretty awesome but personal letters this month following along with the creator of this amazing challenge.


I have previously and presently dealt with insecurities of my physical self, comparisons in life and on social media, and simply just dealing with trauma and depression.

I have been striving soooo hard this year to come out of my shell of depression and start living a more intentional and HAPPY life.

Let me tell you, it takes work!

But it is truly worth all the hard work.

Looking back at this year I have seen myself push through bouts of depression, my traumas, and have opened my heart to many new things like reading, therapy, THINKING positive, accepting, forgiving, and literally anything that makes me feel like myself.

My goal is to keep being a better and happier version of myself and I know that I have the power inside of me to do all of that.

That is why, wholeheartedly, I have taken on this challenge for myself and will be sharing each and every one of the 30 love letters I write to myself this month on my Instagram and blog on a daily basis.

I hope that in my sharing such personal notes, you can find something that will make you feel positive about yourself….

I hope that you know you are not alone in your struggles.

I also hope that you see the beauty in loving yourself and the amazing feeling you will feel when you write love notes to your whole being as it is RIGHT NOW.

I will be sharing all of the notes on a daily basis on my Instagram. Go check it out, I already 6 published letters!! I will be coming here daily to post the most recent ones, too.

My goal, as I have mentioned before, is to have this blog to share ALL the neffyness!

The scrappy life, mommy life, and even the personal more intimate life.

So hope you enjoy this series of #myselfloveletters and join the #selflove movement yourself!

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