What The Heck 2020

Well, hello! Welcome to this blog post. (Finally!) I am so happy if you are stopping by to read today. I have definitely abandoned this little blog here of mine this year. It’s not because I wanted to drop the ball, but man this year has been tough!

I mean, can we talk about it?? I had a wonderful start to the year with my babies and husbands birthdays in January and February. Things were really looking up.

Come March, I was getting ready to celebrate my birthday that month with a few different events. First of all, I had a fabulous boss babe meetup with my friend Samantha and her business group of ladies. Luckily I still managed to make it to this on the second weekend of March. It was so much fun! I’ll have to talk all about these meetups on another post.

Back to March, later that month before my birthday, my husband and I had some plans to spend my birthday weekend in San Diego, just the two of us. Then finally the first week of April I had purchased tickets to the 2020 Scrapbook Expo in Ontario, California and I was gonna spend a night in a hotel room all to myself and was gonna join the all-day crop. It was gonna be soooo much fun!

Well…… I got a big WOMP! WOMP!

So did everyone else and their Spring 2020 plans. We all know why. The COVID-19 Pandemic.

Ugh. Is all I gotta say!

However, despite everything that has transpired in the last 7 months of this year, I have come to a realization that this has all be a blessing in disguise. I know, I know so much is at stake. There is so much uncertainty.

But if you think about it, so much good has come out of this. At least in my life it has.

What about yours?

For one, our world has woken up and risen together to try to make a change for ourselves, our neighbors and our own families. I’d like to think that everyone is more gentle hearted now. We are also making daily selfless choices to care for others by wearing a mask. It’s so simple. But what a choice of love!

Also, the dynamics at home has changed for so many. For the first 3 months of the pandemic, my whole household was home. This was frustrating at times, but it also allowed me to enjoy the time together we had, while we had it. We have spent some amazing bonding times these last few months. So many memories have been made. To keep up with my memory keeping adventures you can catch me on Instagram on my Crafty account and my Personal account.

Fortunately, my husband is back at work and now I’m home with my children daily. Is it a challenge? Yes, of course! We still find new challenges every day.

But I am blessed. So, so blessed. To be healthy. To have a home. A steady income. And my loving family.

Covid might have taken a large part of our freedom. But it has also opened my eyes to what I am blessed with. Covid has not taken away the love or hope in my heart. It hasn’t taken my craft, or my routine, or my sunshine! lol

Part of that, too, is this blog here. I haven’t felt like writing in a long, long time. But the words are calling me to come out and be shared with you, here.

I have a few plans for this blog. I know I’ve come on here a few time in the past and had big plans, but again, I drop the ball.

This time it’s different. This time I really want to take the time to write my heart out. To share ALL the real Neffyness. I want to include more motherhood into this blog, I want to continue to share my love for crafts and scrapbooking, and my life.

I want to use this as my platform to share love, light, and positivity to the world.

I have some exciting this coming including…… (drumrollll) a SHOP!!! Yes, you’re the first to read it here!

So, get out of my way you 2020, you!

I’m here.

I hope, also, that you all stay healthy for yourselves and others. May we continue to spread love around the world, because that is what we all need right now.

Now it’s your turn, I want to hear from you…. what blessings have come out of these past 6 months for you? What are some things you are now used to, that felt almost impossible in March?

Leave me a comment below and let’s chat!

Published by Neftali Zambrano

Scrapping the sweetest moments.

One thought on “What The Heck 2020

  1. March was the beginning… My friends mom passed away from an annatural death, I couldn’t see my family/friends during quarantine my friends dad passed away from pancreatic cancerđź’” it was so heartbreaking! But I was and still am so thankful for the time that I have with my family now. I’m working on a blog (breysblogs) to share everything that has been going on since I also took a break from writing. Everything seems to be a lot better now over time. I have started a “new” lifestyle which I plan on sharing as well. Still working on it but excited!!!


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