I am Neftali and I am a momma of two, a wife, crafty girl, and scrapbook addict living in Sunny California.

I am a Mexico-born California girl, as I like to call myself, because I have lived here practically all my life, immigrating at a very young age. But living and loving that SoCal life!

A little about my scrapbooking background….

My love for paper crafting started when I was a teenager in high school and a lot of finding myself and my crafty potential has happened since then.

My passions are Scrapbooking, Card Making, Party Decorating, Crocheting and doing anything that is considered crafty including:

  • planning,
  • travelers notebooks,
  • DIY projects,
  • Mini Albums,
  • Instagramming,
  • Organizing and reorganizing my crafty space,
  • Photography
  • party decorating,
  • and of course, hoarding all the pretty things.


I am inclined to share all of this with other people.

I want to reach and inspire people who might feel intimidated to get out there and make something.

My goals are simple:

I want this place to be one to INSPIRE others,

one that allows me space for me to CREATE,

and one to allow my creativity to GROW.

I am very honored share my passion for this craft in the online community and hope you gain some creative knowledge that may inspire you to record your own memories!

I believe that my passion for paper crafting has found a very profound place in my heart and I do it because it truly makes me HAPPY!

Happy to create beautiful items.

Happy to be part of an amazingly kind community.

Happy to be able to live a creative life.

But most importantly…

Happy to be recording these memories for my family out of love for them and for the moments we share together.

I hope you stop by and check out the site and all the crafty and scrappy ideas it is filled with. It is always a joy to have you readers here.

I hope that you find a little inspiration to go craft your own stories.

I have proudly served in these

Scrapbooking Creative/ Design Teams:

I currently design for:

I have contributed to these blogs as Guest Designer:

I have contributed to these digital classes:

If you would like to follow ALL THIS NEFFYNESS, follow me on Social Media!

You can find me here:





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