Hello and welcome!,

I am Neftali and I am 26 years young, living in Sunny California. I am a Mexico born Cali-Girl, as I like to call myself, because I have lived here all my life. I am married to a hard-working man I met since I was ten years old and we have a beautiful two year old son. My passions are Scrapbooking, Crocheting, and doing anything that is considered Crafty.

I think that my love for paper crafting started when I was a teenager in high school and a church friend introduced me to this magical thing called: Scrapbooking. It all started there and it has been a journey full of finding myself and my crafting abilities since those early days.

My fear of getting messy with paper didn’t last too long, as I began buying and hoarding anything that was meant for paper crafting. I started off by making Smash Books, journals, and altered gifts for friends and colleagues.

After having my son in 2015, however, my whole perspective changed and I realized how important is was for me to keep all of my son’s memories alive by scrapbooking them with love and lots of pretty paper, of course!


However, I felt like I wanted to share all of this with other people. I wanted to reach those people who might feel intimidated like I once did, to get out there and make something.

I wanted a place to INSPIRE. A place to CREATE. And a place to GROW.

I started my Scrappy Instagram account and this here Blog in April of 2015 and a year later started my Youtube Channel in April of 2016. I decided to call it All The Neffyness, cause I felt like I wasn’t just sharing one thing with you guys, I have so much that I want to share and inspire!

I have grown so much and learned so much more since those early days. But my most absolute favorite part about this scrappy adventure of mine is that I have found a wonderful community of like minded people and have met very many amazing friends who have opened unknown doors for me.

At the end of 2016 my Professional Scrapbooker career path started when I was published on Jot Magazine and became part of a number of Design Teams. I have also collaborated in classes, been Guest Designer on a few blogs and the list just keeps growing! I am very honored to be part of such talent that is out there full of paper crafters and memory keepers.

I believe that my passion for paper crafting has found a very profound place in my heart and I do it because it truly makes me happy…

Happy to create beautiful items.

Happy to be part of an amazingly kind community.

Happy to be able to live a creative life.

But most importantly… Happy to be recording these memories for my family, solely out of love for them and for the moments we share together.




I hope you stop by and check out my blog and all the crafty and scrappy ideas it is filled with. It is always a joy to have you readers here. So feel welcome, and I hope that you find a little inspiration to go craft your own stories.



If you would like to follow me on Social Media you can find me all over here:






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